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Why not taking wagyu beef as an option?

Highly recommended diet.

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Nirvana cruise

Imagine having sushi, oysters and sparkling wine acting together as catalyst with the sexy sunset and the ocean as witnesses on the luxury Tigger 2 Royale under a great soundtrack.

Kiwondo's Sushi

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Chef Elie Kiwondo

kiwondo’s sushi is a sushi catering agency based in Cape Town.
Created in February 2014 by Chef ELIE KIWONDO, kiwondo’s sushi is specialized in the Japanese cuisine (sushi).
we provide modern on-site sushi catering service for all type of events, corporate like private functions with best service guaranteed and also private and open sushi classes for beginners and mastering sessions for those with experience.
We are proudly counted amongs the 3 best sushi catering agencies in South Africa.
With a well fitted team of highly trained sushi chefs with years of experience in the industry, we proudly present our top class undefeated menu ( selection made over 10 best sushi restaurant and our chefs’ creations) to our client.
kiwondo’s sushi gives the golden opportunity to sushi and healthiness lovers to have the most delicious healthy food of the century made and served whilst they are sharing their significant moments with their family and relatives.
To your guests, kiwondo’s sushi insure the coldness of freshly made sushi, the softness and whiteness of well prepared rice and the brightness and transparency of fish and as signature an aesthetic presentation of the dish
We fulfil distinct event needs with excitement and creativity, the finest quality ingredients, and flawless elegance.
All in an affordable tariff.
Special food for special moment.

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Food brings people together.
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From the sea to you.

We know what one oyster told the others.... Because we're not shellfish like them, we can share the secret...

Chef aneeb

Sushi Masterclass

Because sushi claimed wine to be his best pairing option, we got him in.

Love, eat, travel ,spend and don't ever forget to take a photo. Life is too short...

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Kiwondo's Sushi